Extract class - ReSharper Ninja tricks

Whats new in ReSharper 7

This is part of a series of ReSharper Ninja ticks and workflows which I’ve picked up over the years. This particular one is brand new in ReSharper 7. Extract class Category: Refactoring This is a new feature in ReSharper 7 and one that I and many with me has been missing for a long time. Previously ... [More]

ReSharper Ninja tricks - Generate code from usage

Create class from usage

Following test-driven development I often define my unwritten classes by first using it in a unit test. I then use Create class and Create method or property to generate the code from usage. As the class gets created in the same file as the unit test I use Move to folder to put the class in the production code assembly. Namespaces and using statements are fixed automatically. [More]

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