My customized Son of Obsidian Visual Studio color scheme for ReSharper

Update! Download for Visual Studio 2012 and ReSharper 7!

Since I switched to the dark side I’ve made several tweeks and customizations to the Son of Obsidian scheme. I’m a heavy ReSharper user (i.e. addict) and ReSharper on its own extends and overrides some of the the highlighting and what not in Visual Studio, hence the original scheme looks a bit broken when turning on all the ReSharper features.

I’ve finally decided that is was time to publish my changes so if you’re into Son of Obsidian and ReSharper, this is for you:


Download Son of Obsidian scheme for Visual Studio 2012
Download Son of Obsidian scheme for Visual Studio 2010

Enable enhanced syntax highlighting

To enable the enhanced syntax highlighting and color identifiers in ReSharper, go to the Options dialog and check both Color identifiers and Highlight color usages.



See how to change Visual Studio color scheme

Comments (19) -

  • Søren Reinke

    2014-02-08 17:02:11 | Reply

    Thanks for the nice settings Smile

  • Cosmin Bratu

    2014-02-08 17:02:54 | Reply

    Really nice, thanks!

  • @dmeineck

    2014-02-08 17:03:55 | Reply

    Nice one, glad to see that TODO comments are improved as before they were barely visible Smile

    • Rickard

      2014-02-08 17:25:48 | Reply

      Yes, that bugged me too! Smile

  • Daniel15

    2014-02-08 17:24:14 | Reply

    Thanks for this! Just to confirm, the VS2010 settings work with ReSharper 7, right?

    • Rickard

      2014-02-08 17:24:40 | Reply

      Yes, most definitively.

      • Daniel15

        2014-02-08 17:26:45 | Reply

        Thanks! I did one small change (I thought "ReSharper Late Bound Identifier" was too bright so I made it a bit darker) but apart from that, this colour scheme is very nice. Great work.

  • Daniel15

    2014-02-08 17:27:25 | Reply

    I did notice one problem (not sure if it was intentional or not) - attribute quotation marks in XML files were black. I fixed this by changing the "XML Attribute Quotes" colour to white.

  • @undefined

    2014-02-08 17:29:38 | Reply

    There's a bug with importing this config:

    Basically VS doesn't actually pull in the R# custom colors proper, you have to select each override, bring up the custom color picker and click OK. Gah!

  • Terry

    2014-02-08 17:30:27 | Reply

    Amazing thank you for the time you spent on this and for posting it

  • svtguy88

    2014-02-08 17:31:33 | Reply

    Thanks much. I was looking for an improved dark style...nothing "out of the box" seems good enough.

  • @DavidDeSloovere

    2014-02-08 17:33:03 | Reply

    Are there any changes to this release? Might be good to have this in github, no?
    People could tweak it collaboratively or fork and make changes just in their own repo.

    • Rickard

      2014-02-08 17:33:39 | Reply

      Its done: feel free to fork, give feedback, and or submit pull requests.

      • @DavidDeSloovere

        2014-02-08 17:34:25 | Reply

        Main reason I asked for this is because the background of selected is hard to seperate from the background of the current line. So I'll so what I can do about it.

        • BCEM

          2014-02-08 18:51:46 | Reply

          Did you solved issue with background? If yes, can you share it pls? Smile

          • David

            2014-02-08 18:52:26 | Reply

            Unfortunately I wasn't able to fix it.
            But it still bothers me, so I might have another go at it when it gets to much.
            It's also an issue in html/razor, when attribute values get a background that is too close to the selection background.

  • Kedar Lasane

    2014-02-08 18:53:28 | Reply

    Really Awesome

  • Roel

    2014-02-08 18:54:16 | Reply

    Code preview (Find Usages) looks crappy because it uses a 16-color palette (Resharpers fault).

  • Daniel15

    2014-02-08 18:55:10 | Reply

    FYI - There appears to be a bug in VS2012 where LESS CSS syntax highlighting colours aren't loaded properly, and do not appear correctly. I raised this on your Github project: Installing the "Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor" extension seems to work around the issue.

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