Reflections from day 2 - Umbraco Codegarden 11 in Copenhagen

umbraco jupiter panel

Day 2 of Codegarden 11 has come to an end. And what and end it was. The infamous Umbraco Bingo brought the craziest things ever, including a marching girl band, a midget Elvis, a pillow fight, and the grand prize of getting a real Umbraco tattoo live on stage!

The conference, on the other hand, was a little slow, and for me it was mainly focused on the low level concepts, and patterns used in Umbraco 5, coming much later this year (se yesterday’s post). If day one contained very brief subjects with very little details, the second day was quit the opposite.

For me, the most interesting thing from todays sessions was the one on the ClientDependency framework. This is something that has been shipped with Umbraco backend since v4 but is actually a separate project on Codeplex, entirely independent of Umbraco itself. The framework provides a way to automatically manage JavaScript and CSS dependencies in any ASP.NET web application, using best practices like merging, minification, and compression, as well as automatically setting far future expire headers (I’ve written a post on minifying JavaScript and CSS before).

Tomorrow is the final day of Codegarden…

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