Podcasts Microsoft .NET developers should follow

After graduation I started out on my professional career as developer on the .NET stack. As I was new to the platform and tools I began searching for means to educate myself and continue to stay up to date with everything that was going on in the industry.

I found that listening to audio talk shows, or “podcasts”, was a great way to get an even flow of new information about the platform, industry and the .NET community. The podcasts quickly introduced me to a whole new world of MVPs, regional directors, .NET user groups, events, and conferences, new technology, as well as how it is to work in the business.

My advice to you, professional or student, novice or experienced, who is interested in building software with Microsoft tooling and products, follow one or more of these channels because for me, they really boosted my career and has been a cheap way for me to get ahead. I use the time on the commute every day to stay on top of things.

The .NET podcasts I have followed since the beginning and still follow every week are:


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Favorite shows:

642. Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp on HTML 5
346. Future of .NET Panel at DevTeach Toronto
240. The ORM Smackdown!



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Favorite shows:

256. JavaScript and jQuery: Moving beyond Alert()
72. Be a Better Developer in Six Months
31. Test Driven



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Favorite shows:

132: Phil Haack, Keith Dahlby and Paul Betts on Git for Windows developers
117: Llewellyn Falco on Approval Tests

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in any way.