.NET Development with Visual Studio on MacBook Pro


Photographed for Hotspot · Photo by Henrik Bäck

A couple of month ago I switched my Dell dev machine for a new MacBook Pro and it has been a joy ever since. Even though my main work still is in Windows and Visual Studio I much rather do it on a virtual machine on top of Mac OS X than on my old Dell.

I’m running Win7 virtually on VirtualBox complete with my dev tools, including Visual Studio and ReSharper.

For office and communication I’m using Office 2011 and Communicator 2011 for Mac and it works great!

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  • Søren Spelling Lund

    2014-02-09 00:12:44 | Reply

    The Mac is a joy to work with and it looks pretty as well. I have to say that the hardware won me over big time. I've gotten used to the OS and actually enjoy it a great deal. Of course there are pros and cons of Windows and OSX both.

    I use much the same setup myself, but with minor differences. I was never a big fan of Outlook for the Mac (although it got better with Office 2011) so I used the built-in Mail app. These days though we've using Google Apps for mail and calendaring and I've completely given up on a desktop mail app. Everything is handled in the browser, which is a true joy.

    On the development side of things I too use Visual Studio, but flip flop back and forth between VMWare Fusion and Parallels depending on which is the faster. They tend to overtake each other with each new release and Parallels 6 is leading the performance race at the moment.

    • Rickard

      2014-02-09 00:13:47 | Reply

      Thanks for your comment Søren,
      have you ever tried VirtualBox? Would it be worth switching to Fusion or Parallels in terms of performance. Can you use virtual machines interchangeably between the different products?

      • AJAY

        2014-02-09 00:14:27 | Reply

        Hi Richard, Did you ever get a response to your question or find the answer?

        • Rickard

          2014-02-09 00:14:57 | Reply

          No, I didn't. If I had to choose now I'd go for Fusion in the first place. However, I've changed back to PC. I may return to Mac in the future. Time will tell.

  • Johannes Nyberg

    2014-02-09 00:16:56 | Reply

    haxxor Laughing blogga mer med dig Smile

    • Rickard

      2014-02-09 00:17:31 | Reply

      om du tittar i arkivet Johannes, så ser du att jag aldrig bloggat så frekvent som nu. Men. Jag har trappat upp nu och kommer fortsätta så frekvent jag kan. Mitt tips är att du börjar prenumerera på RSS-flödet med nån bra läsare som kan påminna dig om när mitt nästa blogginlägg dyker upp. Du kan också hålla koll på mitt twitter-flöde där jag alltid annonserar nya inlägg.
      Tack Johannes Smile

      • Johannes Nyberg

        2014-02-09 00:18:20 | Reply

        Jag följer dig på twitter redan Smile Det är en intressant blogg så därför jag vill se mer, haha Smile Du kan inte börja skriva lite om javascript för "nybörjare". Vilka sidor som är bra, twitterflöden man kan följa osv osv.

  • Jan

    2014-02-09 00:20:09 | Reply

    How is your experience with the loudness of the fans of your macbook? I'm using also Windows in VMWare-Fusion on a MacBook Pro and on a MacBook Air. Both are connected to a 27'' cinema display. After 10 or 15 minutes, the fans of the macbook are very loud. It's the same behavoir on both macbooks. That very angry for me, because the macbooks are normally very silent. Is this a problem of vmware or do you have the same problems with virtual box?

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