Join the dark side with Son of Obsidian Visual Studio color scheme

Son of Obsidian Studio Style


Do you also want to join the dark side? This is the theme I use.

Update: Download My customized Son of Obsidian Visual Studio color scheme for ReSharper

Download it from

How to change settings

Go to Tools > Options > Environment > Import and Export Settings

Check Use team settings file and click Browse…

Select the .vssettings file downloaded from above and click OK.



Note: When using the team settings file option the previous settings are preserved and can easily be restored by unchecking again.

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  • Johannes Nyberg

    2014-02-09 00:21:29 | Reply


    • Rickard

      2014-02-09 00:21:56 | Reply

      Yeah! Isn't it?!

  • Johannes Nyberg

    2014-02-09 00:22:29 | Reply

    Dark backgrund on your code-editor is so nerdy. Like!

  • craig

    2014-02-09 00:23:14 | Reply

    I've been using a dark background for years. I have low vision and it's almost impossible to see dark text on a light background for me.

    Just wish more products would support alternative color schemes.

  • Mike

    2014-02-09 00:23:49 | Reply

    Finally, obsidian + reSharper .... ahhhhhhh my life is complete. Smile thx -- ive been contemplating whether or not to do this but never found time. Smile

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