JavaScript resources

I thought that I should do a post about the JavaScript resources I've found most useful. There are an endless amount of JavaScript resources out there and and there is only so much time you can spend going through them to find what you need. This is my attempt at gathering some of the best I know. So here goes.

JavaScript basics
  • JSLint
  • JS Minifier
  • JS Beautifier
  • JavaScript reference
    • by W3School
    • nice comparison between browsers
  • JScript language reference
    • by Microsoft
    • JScript 8.0
  • HTML DOM reference
    • by W3School
    • support comparison between browsers
  • JavaScript tips and tricks
    • by PPK at Quirksmode
    • everything including core features, event handling, DOM, CSS modification and Data retrieval
  • Douglas Crockford's JavaScript resource collection
    • Chief JavaScript architect at Yahoo!
    • Papers, tools, videos, links
    • A must see
  • The JavaScript Programming Language
    • 4-part lecture course with Douglas Crockford
    • The basics of JavaScript by the man who architected YUI
  • An Inconvenient API: The Theory of the DOM
    • 3-part lecture course with Douglas Crockford
    • Browser DOM talk by the man who invented JSON
  • Advanced JavaScript
    • 3-part lecture course with Douglas Crockford
    • Advanced topics by the man who wrote JSLint and JSMin
  • Yahoo! YUI Theater
    • Endless of hours of video content

This list became long enough so I will do another post on Ajax resources later on.

What have I missed?

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