Extract class - ReSharper Ninja tricks

This is part of a series of ReSharper Ninja ticks and workflows which I’ve picked up over the years. This particular one is brand new in ReSharper 7.

Extract class

Category: Refactoring

This is a new feature in ReSharper 7 and one that I and many with me has been missing for a long time. Previously when you had a class with too many responsibilities, you had to go through a lot of hoops with ReSharper to refactor the code into cohesive units, and it usually involved a few manual steps.

Now, in version 7, we have an option on the refactoring menu called Extract class which automate the procedure. You place the marker on a class member and hit Ctrl+Shift+R to bring up the refactoring menu, and choose Extract class. This gives you a dialog where you can pick which members should be extracted and ReSharper analyses dependencies between different members such that the code won’t brake after the refactoring.

Whats new in ReSharper 7

Checkout Hadi Hariri’s presentation on Extract Class at 07:28

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