Rickard Nilsson is a senior software developer, architect, craftsman and agile enthusiast, specializing in the .NET web stack and web standards, with experience from a great variety of business applications ranging from e-commerce solutions to native mobile apps. Rickard is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) and has a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Information Technology. His interests includes programming, agile practices and techniques and he has a passion for test-driven development.

When Rickard isn't working as a consultant at Ninetech, he's writing on this blog about the things he care about. You can also follow him on twitter @rickardn or checkout his CV on linkedin.

presenting at a conference

2013: Got married after almost 16 years together. Started focusing on e-Commerce and digital business. Joined the newly founded e-Commerce team at Ninetech.

2012: Took a greater interest in software architecture and design and focused even more on core development practices like unit testing, test-driven development, and continuous integration. Was approached by Packt Publishing to be technical reviewer for a book on TeamCity Continuous Integration, and more technical review work is being discussed. Went to Oslo, Norway, for a course in Agile Architecture and Design with @unclebobmartin. I also join to take a part in the technical review process for the coming book  The Art Of Unit Testing 2nd edition.

2011: Was approached by Manning Publications for a review on Continuous Integration in .NET. Rediscovered CMS with Umbraco and EPiServer. Focus shifted from the managed .NET platform to the dynamic environment in the browser with JavaScript and HTML5 – and shifted back again towards architecture and solution design.

2010: Took up mobile device development targeting .NET Compact Framework. Went way out of my comfort zone and took up iPhone development on the Mac and loved it! Became a senior developer at Ninetech. Rediscovered Continuous Integration and deployment.

2009: Bought the family's first house.

2008: Took six month parental leave with the twins and started this blog. Became test infected and started experimenting with test-driven development.

2007: Graduated from Karlstad's University with a Master of Science in Information Technology (M.Sc.).

2006: Started an internship at Ninetech which later became my employer. My twins Oscar and Olle was born five weeks early and the family had to spend a week at the hospital. We got home again to the Christmas holidays. I took up blogging for the first time.

2002: Started studying with the IT Master's program at Karlstad's University. In December, the whole family moved to a larger apartment.

2001: My first son is born. The family, now of three, switched to a three-room apartment. Started working as a driver for Berendsen.

2000: Was discharged from military service after 10 month with top grades. Started working as a Black Jack dealer while moving in with my girlfriend. By the end of the year we moved to our own place.

1999: Graduated from high school with a nature science degree in computing. In the fall I entered ten month of military duty as a team leader at an infantry battalion.

1997: Met my wife.

The rest is history.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in any way.