Extract class - ReSharper Ninja tricks

Whats new in ReSharper 7

This is part of a series of ReSharper Ninja ticks and workflows which I’ve picked up over the years. This particular one is brand new in ReSharper 7. Extract class Category: Refactoring This is a new feature in ReSharper 7 and one that I and many with me has been missing for a long time. Previously ... [More]

ReSharper Ninja tricks - Generate code from usage

Create class from usage

Following test-driven development I often define my unwritten classes by first using it in a unit test. I then use Create class and Create method or property to generate the code from usage. As the class gets created in the same file as the unit test I use Move to folder to put the class in the production code assembly. Namespaces and using statements are fixed automatically. [More]

Unit testing continuously


The foundation for all solid professional software development in my opinion is good craftsmanship practices and the most important of them is unit testing. Unit testing continuously is a practice and tool support for running unit tests in the background as you code. The foundation for all solid pro... [More]

Teaching kids programming

kodu sensor wheel

I brought my son of eleven to work the other day and introduced him to programming using a visual programming language called Kodu for creating games. I brought my son to work the other day and was suppose to show him what I do for a living. I wanted to introduce him to programing but he is only ele... [More]

TDD Kata 2 - Interaction based testing


TDD Katas has become very popular in a small segment of the development community and we call our se TDD Katas has become very popular in a small segment of the development community and we call our selves software craftsmen. We are passionate about software development as a craft and engage in diff... [More]

jQuery plugin for switching stylesheets

Three years ago I wrote a blog post which has become my most visited post ever. To this day it still generates more than a third of all the traffic to the site. I decided to write a follow up and turn the simple snippet into a, though still simple, jQuery plugin... It has been almost three years sin... [More]

rickardnilsson.net on Facebook


rickardnilsson.net has its own Facebook page. Please help me gather likes for a username. The page will be an extention to the blog where I will be able to share unedited material faster than I can write blog posts... I’ve created a Facebook page for rickardnilsson.net to be able to share more unedi... [More]

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